Edwards Drinks is a wholesale beer, cask ale, craft beer, lager and low alcohol beer supplier servicing customers across the UK.

Lager continues to dominate the on-trade by remaining the top-selling product, having been boosted by the introduction of super chilled or extra cold variations for the big selling brands which deliver a crisp, smooth, more refreshing taste and add considerably to the enjoyment of the drink.

Within this hugely popular sector, and thanks to the rejuvenation of certain brands, the future for lager looks positive. The main market factors affecting lager sales are the continued strength of the big brands bolstered by the growth of World Lagers and finally the interesting emergence of Craft Lagers into the market.

Britain’s national drink has made steady progress in its performance over the last few years but has not yet reached sustained volume growth, however Cask Ale has continued to outperform the whole on-trade beer market in the last year.

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