About Edwards Beers & Wine Supplies

Our History

Edwards Beers & Wine Supplies were established in the early 1980's, predominantly supplying beer and soft drinks.

Since then we have progressed to offer a comprehensive range of food and drinks from both national and regional companies, covering all types of draught, cask and packaged beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, snack foods and bar accessories including glasses and optics.

Family Values

Having built the company on good old-fashioned family values, directors Terry and Suzanne have since been joined by son Graham and daughter Stacy. Keeping it in the family ensures the core strengths of the company remain in place for the next generation.

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Why Edwards Beer & Wine Supplies?

Exclusive Brands, Competitive Pricing

Edwards Beers & Wine Supplies are proud members of National Drinks Distributors, whilst our subsidiary Edwards of Leighton Buzzard (Wine Suppliers) are members of The Society of Vintners. This enables us to offer exclusive brands along with competitive pricing throughout Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and London.

We are also members of the Unitas Wholesale, bringing you independence, quality and service at an affordable price!

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One-Stop-Shop Wholesale Supplier

Increasing numbers of customers are choosing Edwards as their ‘one stop shop’ wholesale supplier, saving on the inconvenience and time required to deal with a variety of suppliers.

With Edwards Beers & Wine Supplies, all of your licensed trade supplies can be delivered at the same time with one telephone sales call for the order, one delivery and one invoice! We also offer a next day delivery service. Please contact us or call us on 01525 372290 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Huge Product Portfolio

We carry a huge selection of products, but if we don’t have the product you desire, our teams will work around the clock to ensure that it’s made available for you.

Due to our versatility and flexibility, we can make decisions on the spot and service your needs to the highest possible standard.
This also means we can provide you with all the products you need, in one order – without you having to worry about contacting different companies for different items. This streamlines your ordering process and saves you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Best Service

Whether it’s our support teams, the guys in the warehouse picking or the drivers delivering your order, everyone at Edwards Beers & Wine Supplies does their utmost to ensure you receive the best service possible, again and again.

Delivery & Distribution Network

Our company has been built on and continues to rely upon our ever-growing internal distribution network. We cover Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Northamptonshire and Peterborough - with next day delivery! This means you get the products you want, in quick time.

This is possible due to the commitment of our delivery drivers. We have a fleet of drivers who are out on the road each day, delivering both in the morning and in the afternoon, to make sure we can provide you with the fantastic service that your business deserves.

Still, our drivers do more than just deliver your order. They are all expertly trained, so that they can rotate your stock, take all of your empty containers and generally be as helpful as possible.